Cessna 150 N8553J
$90.00 Hr
Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Intercom,
100 horsepower
C150 N140MA
Cessna 150 N140MA
$95.00 Hr
Single Nav/Com with Glide Slope,
3-Light Marker/Beacons, Transponder, Intercom,
100 horsepower
C150 N9851J
Cessna 150 N9851J
 $99.00 Hr
 Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, Garmin 430W WAAS, 100 horsepower
Cessna 172 N2335E
 $128.00 Hr
 Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Dual VOR/LOC, KX155 Nav/Com, RT385A Nav/Com,KN64 DME, 150 horsepower, Garmin 430W
Cessna 172  N6293G
 $123 Hr
Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Dual VOR/LOC, KN64 DME, Narco Nav/Com, RT385A Nav/Com, Front Intercom, 150 horsepower
Cessna 172 N84648
 $128.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com, Transponder, Garmin 430W, WAAS, 4 Place intercom, Dual Brakes, 3 Light Marker/Beacon, 150 horsepower
Cessna 172 N368ES
 $133.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS-KLN 94, ADF, 3-lite Marker/beacons, Transponder, 1-axis Auto Pilot, Intercom, 160 horsepower
Cessna 172 N367MA
 $136.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS-KLN 94, ADF, 3-lite Marker/beacons, Transponder, Intercom, 1-axis Auto Pilot, 180 horsepower
Cessna Skyhawk C172 N6018Z
 $156.00 Hr
G1000, two axes autopilot with altitude hold, coupled approach mode, Transponder, Intercom, 180 horsepower
Cessna 182  N20138
 $165.00 Hr
Garmin 480 GPS WAAS/ NAV COM, MD200-306 GPS/ VLOC/ GR Indicator/ KX155-38 Nav/Com, King KI208 VOR/ Loc Indicator, Long range tanks, High performance, 230 HP
Arrow 43317
 Piper Arrow N43317
 $153.00 Hr
Dual Nav.Com with dual Glide Slope, IFR GPS-Garmin 430W, 3-light Marker/beacons, Auto Pilot, Transponder, 4 Place Intercom, Music-separate docking station for front and rear passengers, Dual brakes, Dual push to talk, 200 horsepower
Beechcraft Duchess N107CM
 $250.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS-KLN 89B ADF, 3-light Marker/beacons, KN64 DME, Transponder Intercom, 180 horsepower
Cessna 172 N46324
 $143.00 Hr
Garmin 750 & 650 NAV / COM / GPS,
4 PlaceIntercom,
Cessna Navmatic 300 Auto pilot
180 Horsepower

Plane Rides
Call to schedule an airplane ride. Great gift for Fathers Day, birthday or date idea.
Half-hour in a Cessna 150 $65 – 1 person (weight can’t exceed 180 lbs)
Half-hour in a Cessna 172 $83 – 3 people can go but the total weight of all 3 passengers can’t exceed 450 lbs)

No age restriction, just have to have parent approval.