Cessna 150 N8553J
$95.00 Hr
Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Intercom,
100 horsepower
C150 N140MA
Cessna 150 N140MA
$100.00 Hr
Single Nav/Com with Glide Slope,
3-Light Marker/Beacons, Transponder, Intercom,
100 horsepower
C150 N9851J
Cessna 150 N9851J
 $100.00 Hr
 Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, Garmin 430W WAAS, 100 horsepower
Cessna 172  N6293G
 $130 Hr
Garmin GTN 650 GPS Nav/Com, KX155 W/O G.S. VOR localizer com, GTX 345 Transponder, 4 place stereo intercom, 160 HP
Cessna 172 N2335E
$130.00 Hr
Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Dual VOR/LOC, KX155 Nav/Com, RT385A Nav/Com,KN64 DME, 150 horsepower, Garmin 430W
Cessna 172 N84648
 $130.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com, Transponder, Garmin 430W, WAAS, 4 Place intercom, Dual Brakes, 3 Light Marker/Beacon, 150 horsepower
Cessna 172 N368ES
 $144.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS-KLN 94, ADF, 3-lite Marker/beacons, Transponder, 1-axis Auto Pilot, Intercom, 160 horsepower
Cessna 172 N367MA
 $144.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR, Garmin 650, ADF, 3-lite Marker/beacons, Transponder, Intercom, 1-axis Auto Pilot, 180 horsepower
Cessna 172 N46324
$143.00 Hr
Garmin 750 &
650 NAV / COM / GPS,
4 PlaceIntercom,
Cessna Navmatic 300 Auto pilot
180 Horsepower
Cessna Skyhawk C172 N6018Z
$158.00 Hr
G1000, two axes autopilot with altitude hold, coupled approach mode, Transponder, Intercom, 180 horsepower
Arrow 43317
Piper Arrow N43317
$160.00 Hr
Dual Nav.Com with dual Glide Slope, IFR GPS-Garmin 430W, 3-light Marker/beacons, Auto Pilot, Transponder, 4 Place Intercom, Music-separate docking station for front and rear passengers, Dual brakes, Dual push to talk, 200 horsepower
Piper Arrow PA-28R-200 N93TJ 1969
$160.00 Hr
DualNav/ Com, KLN 90B GPS,
Century II autopilot, KMA 24 Audio panel,
PM 1000 intercom, JPI 700 engine monitor, KX155 and
KY 97 Nav Com, KNS 80 DME, KT 76A Xpndr. Newer paint and interior
Cessna 182 N21038
$165.00 Hr
Garmin 480 GPS WAAS/ NAV COM, MD200-306 GPS/ VLOC/ GR Indicator/ KX155-38 Nav/Com, King KI208 VOR/ Loc Indicator, Long range tanks, High performance, 230 HP
Beechcraft Duchess N107CM
$265.00 Hr
Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS-KLN 89B ADF, 3-light Marker/beacons, KN64 DME, Transponder Intercom, 180 horsepower
Cessna 172 N5336R
$130.00 Hr
Garmin 430W GPS Nav / Com, KT 76A Transponder,
4 place intercom, 160 HP
Plane Rides
Call to schedule an airplane ride. Great gift for Fathers Day, birthday or date idea.
Half-hour in a Cessna 150 $85 – 1 person (weight can’t exceed 180 lbs)
Half-hour in a Cessna 172 $85 – 3 people can go but the total weight of all 3 passengers can’t exceed 450 lbs)No age restriction, just have to have parent approval.